Demonstration Scripts

Date File Image Description
01 Feb 04 asteroids This classic arcade game requires KiXforms 2.3.0 Beta 4. It demonstrates some of the new features in this version of the library such as expandos and math functions.
04 Jul 03 quinto This extremely difficult puzzle game requires KiXforms 2.3.0 Beta 3. The object of the game is to flip all the pieces on the board using as few moves as possible. Clicking on a piece will flip it as well as the pieces above, below, to the left and to the right of the selected piece. Simply extract the contents of the ZIP file to a directory and then run quinto.kix.
16 Mar 03 kixpad2 Demonstration of the new features in KiXforms 2.3.0 Beta 1 including form resizing, pull-down menus and common dialogs.
16 Mar 03 wmiexplorer Enumerates WMI objects on Windows 2K and XP machines, the script has been updated so that the form is resizable.
12 Jan 03 kixpad Lightweight text editor demonstrating the ToolButton object and its associated properties.
12 Jan 03 iconviewer Displays all the icons that are embedded into the library and also demonstrates icon support in the ListView control.
12 Jan 03 kixmessenger Demonstration of the ToolButton object, and in particular the hot tracking feature.
05 Oct 02 phone Demonstration of the ListView object and its associated properties.
25 Aug 02 demo Demonstration of the HyperLink and SpinButton objects, and the MousePointer and Picture properties.
25 Aug 02 mine Emulation of the popular Microsoft® Minesweeper game. Please note that the game does not actually 'play' yet.
25 Aug 02 option Demonstration of array usage and multiple OptionButton objects.
25 Aug 02 paint Simple paint application with some interesting features.
25 Aug 02 poker Poker game with built-in 'slot machine' alternative.
25 Aug 02 send Graphical front end to the 'net send' command.
25 Aug 02 usrmgr User manager for Active Directory with non-admin capabilities.

User Submitted Scripts

Date File Image Description
22 Feb 04
28 Feb 04
kixtris Another game by Jochen Polster, this time based on the classic Tetris®. This fully featured clone plays just like the original.
21 Sep 03
30 Aug 04
kixpuzzle This game by Jochen Polster is based on the classic sliding tile puzzle. Users can select a picture of their choice and then vary the difficulty level by slicing the picture into 9, 16 or 25 pieces.
11 May 03 loginbox This small script by Dean Flaming produces a simple but effective popup box for obtaining a user's logon credentials.
16 Mar 03
11 Jan 04
tstools N/A This fully featured Windows Task Scheduler admin tool was submitted by Glenn Barnas. It allows you to connect to any computer, display the tasks, edit or delete them, add new tasks, or change the credentials on a task. Full instructions are included in the ZIP file.
16 Mar 03 kixlogon N/A This multi-function login script was submitted by Diederik de Groot of Talon. It has a graphical user interface and connects to shares, updates software, installs Windows upgrades, installs service packs, configures O.S. settings, installs McAfee, provide news updates to the end user, sets the time and finally logs every event to the server.
02 Oct 02 kixweeper13 This is an adaptation of Shawn's mine script by Jooel Nieminen which plays like the real thing.